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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular Blog as well as being an incredibly powerful content management system. WordPress offers everyone the opportunity of a great looking website with a high level of functionality.

The reason for the amazing growth in the popularity of websites using WordPress design and functions is that the software is not just great looking, but quick and easy to install. Growth brings growth with thousands of open source developers creating more and more functions every day.

Originally used primarily as a platform for blogging, WordPress is now increasingly used by organizations as the basis for their websites because it offers some distinct advantages over other commercial platforms:

Wide range of great looking templates called themes
Plugins to make your site do almost anything you want it to do
Access to a worldwide community offering support and advice
Integration with your social media strategy and marketing campaigns

How can we help?

Choosing your theme and plug-ins is easy, but you’ll find that our technical and marketing experience using the leading CMS web design platforms will help you maximize your WordPress website.

Converting your current website or blog to WordPress
Customizing your chosen theme to reflect your current branding
Configuring your website for ease of use by your clients
Installing plug-ins to increase the functions offered
Developing your online marketing campaign
Integrating with your social media marketing effort
Maximizing your potential through cost-effective SEO
Uploading content including photographs and videos
Hosting for your WordPress website

No matter what type of website you are looking for, professional WordPress design can offer a great looking, high functioning solution that gives you complete control. If you are looking for a new website or want to convert your current website then speak to us about how we can help.

CMS web design

The easiest way to regularly update your website is to have one that gives you full control. Not only is it quicker and easier to update content, it’s cheaper too as there are no third-party charges.

A Content Managed System like WordPress provides this control, offering increasing levels of sophisticated functions that means your website keeps pace with new technologies.

Typical features include

Ability to upload content including photographs, audio and video files, wherever you are
Ability to add new pages, sections and change navigation
Ability to integrate your other marketing activities such as client sign-ups, newsletters, social media and email marketing
Ability to incorporate new technology like offering versions of your website for mobile phones

WordPress web design is increasingly sophisticated as there are thousands of developers providing new plugins to make sure your website keeps up with the latest technology trends.

CMS selection for your website
CMS development and building the structure of your website
Adding your required functions
Uploading content
Integrating with other forms of marketing
Training to make sure you make the most of your CMS

Blog design

Our team will work with you to make sure your blog design meets your needs, using the latest technology to make sure you can:

Easily post blog content including photographs, audio and video content
Manage your blogs – correctly tagging, categorizing and archiving
Optimize your blog for keywords and SEO, to reach the widest possible audience
Encourage interactivity through reader comments
Integrate with other social media activity such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

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