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Quality of Service Guaranteed

Dave Daniels guarantees that we will follow published brand management best practices and standards, and that the quality of our service meets or exceeds published search engine standards.

We adhere to the American Marketing Association Code of Ethics.

Dave Daniels will never violate the Google Terms of Service or any information presented in Google Information for Webmasters, the Yahoo! Terms of Service, the Bing Webmaster Guidelines, or any other terms of service published by the major search engines and directories.

Dave Daniels guarantees to never use banned or questionable practices such as:
Mirror pages and sites
Throwaway / Shadow domains
Link Farming
Improper redirects
Meta Data forgery
Hidden or invisible links
Hidden or invisible text
Special browser software
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising arbitrage
Keyword stuffing
Spyware / Scumware / Adware or other Malware
Unauthorized automated queries

Dave Daniels promises a transparent and up front process. We will clearly explain any steps that we recommend to be taken on behalf of your site and before any changes take place.

Dave Daniels guarantees to never knowingly violate the copyrights or trademarks of others. This means that we will never pursue strategies based on stolen copyrighted material, other businesses trademarks, or any other intellectual property of the competition.

As a part of our process, a written estimate or proposal for brand management, optimization, programming and other services is provided. Our services are available according to current hourly rates, based on a good faith time and materials estimate.

From day to day, the search engine environment changes and evolves. Dave Daniels guarantees that our brand management experts will remain at the cutting edge of this marketing discipline, ensuring your efforts with the best expertise.

At Dave Daniels, we guarantee to strive every day for immediate responsiveness, strategic accuracy, bottom-line reliability and personal courtesy.

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