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Reputation Marketing
Reputation Marketing involves both search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Using proprietary systems, we help you revise and enhance search engine results as our confidential client.

If you, your business, a friend or associate are receiving destructive and disparaging search engine results causing loss of revenue or embarrassment, contact us to find out how we can help.

Performance Reports
We generate Reputation Marketing performance reports. We track Google, Yahoo, and Bing/MSN. We can also track Ask, AOL, or any other major search engine.

Business Services
Custom strategies involving Web design, Link building, Positive reviews, Viral marketing, Social media, Video, Article, Newsletter, Press release creation and implementation. Please contact us and we will provide you with a package tailored to your needs.

Impact on Business
Consumers often search the Internet for opinions and experiences with products and services. You can face a difficult conflict when attempting to remove negative reports on the Internet where disgruntled employees and customers take their grievances to the public. How do you defend your reputation from this negative publicity?

Annoying Complaints
Possibly you recently found negative publicity from a review website in search engine results. It is difficult to measure the impact from customer complaint sites but there are losses as a result of such sites. While the complaint sites may only be a nuisance to large corporations, they can be devastating to smaller companies.

Consumer Complaint Sites
The greater part of complaint sites are consumer complaint sites. These sites usually collect stories of bad customer service or a deficient product. The list of these sites is growing.

Competitor Complaints
Some complaint sites may be run by a competing company or its employees.

Communications Decency Act
The Communications Decency Act of 1996 gives immunity to Web sites. Even if you can establish a legal case, the distinctly nonphysical nature of the Web – where you, your defamer and the company that hosts the offending material can be in different states or countries, or simply be unknown — means that sorting out jurisdictions can turn into a legal quagmire.

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